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River Rentals At The Mill On Etowah


 When you book YOU agree and understand that you have reviewed the attached video in your confirmation email, and the same video is on our website. This video displays the checkpoints of your river trip and that you know where the exit is located. YOU also understand Murphs Surf Team Members ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR EXIT OF THE RIVER. YOU ARE. Murphs Surf Team members are NOT PERMITTED TO ENTER THE WATER on your behalf. 


Make your reservation online. This is the fastest way to secure your rental equipment 24/7. Once you book, we do not offer refunds, only Rainchecks to come back another day in the event our team has to cancel river trips due to weather or unsafe conditions. Float times vary depending on the river flow. The Etowah River is a slower-moving river that increases speeds in sections with no rapids. You will have to pay attention to the area around you. This river water depth is 3ft to 10ft+ in sections. 



​You need to arrive at least 15 minutes before your reservation time at the Murphs Surf Shop located at 225 Reformation Pkwy Canton, GA, located at the Mill On Etowah directly inside across from the coffee shop. You will receive an email with a picture map and directions when booking online. The Bus ride will not wait, and you can get bumped to the next Departure or lose your reservation. 

  1. Check-in with the Murphs Surf team member and give them your name, and sign waivers. Please have your items with you and ready to leave. Any essential items, such as keys, can be left at our shop until you return. 

  2. A Murphs Surf team member will gather all participants for a safety video with questions and pointers close to departure time.

  3. Make your way to the Bus or passenger van for your ride up, which averages about 16-19 minutes.

  4. Arrival time at the drop-in location as all participants exit the Bus or passenger van, you will follow a Murphs Surf team member to pick up your rental gear. Our drop-in locations are Private Property; only our team can access them. These locations are in remote areas, so you will take a short walk to the river and enter with instructions from team members.   

  5.  Float down the iconic Etowah River and enjoy your trip for the next few hours!

  6. Arrival at the take-out location, which is visually marked and presented in our safety video which is right at the Mill On Etowah where you started!

  7. Go and use our shop to clean up and have a good rest of the day and explore the Mill On Etowah with a 

     brewery, restaurants and shops all within walking distance! 




Tube trips average 2 hours and 30 minutes if you do NOT stop at one of two sandbars. Stopping at sandbars extends your trip. All our tubes are closed bottom tubes with cup holders, handles, and a backrest. The backrest can be deflated if the customer chooses. We try and provide a push stick or paddle for everyone free of charge and recommend groups tieing up to have them. We suggest you bring your own if you float often. Life vests are given with every tube. ** We highly recommend not grouping up in large groups and maintaining a minimum of 1 competent adult to 3 children ratio** 


Kayaks - Short Run 6 -7 Mile

Kayak trips for the short run average 1 hour and 50 minutes at a leisurely slow paddle. If you paddle fast, your trip will end quickly. We suggest extending your kayak trip to float and steer with your kayak paddle or enjoying one of the 2 sandbars present during typical summer conditions.


Kayaks - Long Run 12-13 Miles

The long run averages 4.5 to 6+ hours in a continuous paddle. You will only have exits or places to stop once you're at the 6 Miles downriver. 


River trips are in remote locations. You WILL get wet and muddy. 


Weather events such as pop-up thunderstorms often happen during the summer months. Our team monitors the weather conditions every 30 minutes. However, we are UNABLE to control the weather, so pop-up storms sometimes happen!  


Questions & Answers 


 Can I bring a cooler? .. Yes, you can, and we do not check what's in your cooler. We ask you not to bring glass! 


Do you offer cooler tubes?.. No, But you can rent an additional cooler for $20 and put your cooler in it or bring your own!


Can I bring my Pet?.. No, sorry, but unfortunately, no pets are allowed at this time. We love pups, but not everyone on the bus ride up does.


Is there a place to stop?.. Yes, during normal summer conditions on our short 6-7 mile float, you will have two sandbars behind bridges. The first is about 35 minutes to the Railroad Bridge, and the second is about one hour and 30 minutes. For the long 12-13 mile float, the only place to stop is nearing the halfway mark, 6 miles or 3 hours.

Tube-$20.00 Short Run only includes bus ride up -  Raft-$225.00 Short Run only includes bus ride up-   Single Person Kayak-$45.00 Short Run $55.00 Long Run includes bus ride up -  Double Person Kayak $75.00 Short Run $90.00 Long Run includes bus ride up 
Shuttle your personal kayak $20.00 per unit to our drop in locations ( NO Personal Tubes/Ratfs) 

Speed of video is increased 


Book online 24/7. Show up at our location at 225 Reformation Pkwy, Canton, GA 30114, sign in, and take a bus ride up! Float down and end at The Mill On Etowah and enjoy local restaurants, breweries, and shops right at the end location!


Tube rentals include paddle or push stick and life vest 

Want to bring a cooler? Come on! Please bring your cooler tube, or rent one from us to carry all your goods! Tube trip is a 6.5-mile journey that averages 2.5 -3.5 hours depending on flow rates, recent rainfall, and time of year. Kayak trips consist of a 6.5-mile run with an average time of 1.5-2.0 hours and a 14.5-mile run of 5.5 hours -6.5 hours.


kids welcomed over 35lbs sorry no pets at this time.

Kids are welcome if over 35lbs. Life vests will be provided for all participants. Anyone under the age of 13 must, by law, wear a vest at all times. Pets are not allowed at this time. We love all furry family members; Others may not enjoy riding in our river bus with them. Pets, however, are welcome at our flat water locations, Woodstock & Acworth! 


Large groups welcomed! 

Large groups are welcomed! Remember, we still highly recommend not tying up in groups over 5-6 and maintaining one competent adult per three kids for everyone's safety. 


All you have to do is park at our shop and we take care of the rest! you end at our shop!

Tube, Raft, Kayak, and Bike rentals are available from our Mills on Etowah shop. Enjoy hundreds of shops, restaurants, and breweries directly on-site! 


Reach out for any questions! 

Trips run on time blocks, so show up at least 15 minutes before your trip is scheduled to start. We highly recommend anyone renting a kayak to have minimal experience kayaking.

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