12ft inflatable


New building process make this board rigid and super strong. 

Comes with a backpack with straps and the ability to roll your board like luggage once stored. One word comes to mind after we designed this awesome board. Travel.

Pre orders- Kit Price 650.00 with paddle

In stock-Kit Price 750.00 with paddle 

Qty. left 2 

Contact for winter preorders. 

load and go

Once deflated this 12ft board can be stored in the provided back pack for all your travel needs. 

bag it

Designed to use as a back pack or rolling luggage

Shoulder straps with a waist strap to secure your board bag to you. Large pouch in the front to your fin and other accessories. Plenty of grab handles to lift and store your board during travel. 

Fin. Patch kit. Valve tool. 

As part of this kit you will get a fin, Patch kit, glue and valve tool and Pump. 

Rated at 15PSI once inflated to proper PSI this board is super stiff using the drop sticking design. When people think of inflatable they think hollow not the case with this board. Your Air board has billions of fibers connecting together through out your board. When inflated to proper PSI these fibers create a super strong bond that feel like a hard board.  

Built for fun

At 12ft long and over 33 inches wide this is a great board for paddling, Yoga, Kids and your fury friend. Bungee system on the nose provides extra ability to take more gear with you.