Take a 1 hour intro class to paddling boarding. See the difference between All around boards, Touring boards, Inflatable boards and even 14ft race boards and take a chance to ride on all of them during this hour long intro. 


This is a basic class. A WPA Paddle Board Instructor will be with you the whole time during the one hour class and then you can take your board out on your own and explore.  


First 30 minutes we cover the different type of boards, Fins and leg leashes and paddles. Then we will take 30 minutes in the water and go over the do's and dont's. 


Then! take your board out on your own for up to 5 hours!! and paddle around. We highly suggest weekday's for this class we will stay open up till sunset to work with your schedule. We only hold this class at our marina.

1 Hour Paddle Board Class with a rental


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