Designed for small to average-sized waves, the Impi stand up paddle board has an increased tail rocker, and the single-to-double concave makes for easy carving down the line. Impi has a wide stable stand up paddle board design that performs with unbelievable ease in surf conditions.

Impi’s volume is in the center of the stand up paddle board, giving you stability in choppy conditions, while Impi’s real beauty is in the rail and rocker line. The moment you take off on the wave and shift your weight to the tail of the stand up paddle board, the surf rail takes control for carving. The double concave through the tail accelerates the water into two streams through the fins, for a smooth edge-to-edge transition—the combination results in a smooth, well-balanced surf.

Vanhunks Impi is versatile, too, with the single-to-double concave making Impi adaptable to everything, even flatwater cruising. Impi is a superb well-rounded board for most riders and delivers the versatility you will never outgrow.

NEW-Vanhunks IMPI -Fiberglass SUP 10'6"