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Rawrr Mantis 72V

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Rawrr Mantis 72V

Rawrr eMoto, the pioneering lightweight-electric motorcycle company renowned for its cutting-edge approach, proudly announces the latest addition to its lineup—the 72V Rawrr Mantis. Building upon the success of the original Mantis lightweight-electric motorcycle, the new 72V version boasts an impressive 20% increase in power and torque, along with several enhanced features, reaffirming Rawrr's commitment to delivering unparalleled off-road, lightweight-electric motorcycle experiences.

The 72V Rawrr Mantis with a swappable 72-volt, 35-amp battery pushes the boundaries, catapulting the Mantis into the league of the fastest eMotos available. The increased power and torque ensure that riders can navigate rugged terrains with even more power, truly unleashing the power to rip anywhere!

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