Rope Mill Park to JDs On The Lake




Delivery time 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM. Must schedule 12/24 hours ahead of time if renting gear. If you only need a ride with your gear and not renting from Murphs Surf day of reservations for shuttles welcomed. 

Closed Until further due to Covid 19 

 Park at rope mill park in Woodstock, Ga and hop on one of our Sups or Kayaks and take an excellent paddle adventure to the waterfalls (1.5 miles or 30 minutes) Where you can hang out, Cool off and check out the waterfalls,  Once done go on your second adventure down towards little river marina ( 4.5 miles or 2-4 hrs) Paddle, Fish, Chill or pull up and throw out a hammock and catch a summer afternoon nap.


 Hungry? Paddle into little river marina where we will grab your rental gear from you. Take a short walk across the street to JD's On The Lake for some food and drinks, sit back and take the view in and enjoy your summer adventure with Murphs Surf, JDs On The Lake, and Little River Marina. Hop on our Murphs Surf shuttle bus, and we will take you back to rope mill park. 


 Slow-moving river at first, then this turns into still water, so understand you will be paddling the whole time. This river leads to a more significant part of Allatoona. Zero rapids, so this is a very easy and laid back paddle. From rope mill park to the waterfalls is about 1.5 miles or an average of 30 minutes. From the waterfalls to little river marina is about 3 hours, now the average time for this second part of your adventure is based on you. If you explore, you can spend all day. We have seen it only take 2 hours; this is dependent on your pace. Don't do that! Please sit back, enjoy the adventure get out and explore, Our customers average is 3-5 hours for the entire trip, we take the 5 hour limit for our day rentals and extend it out to 8 hours, so don't feel rushed! Please get out and enjoy it. Shuttle ride back to the park takes around 10 minutes.





WATER!!! Yes, bring fluids to stay hydrated. Consult Georgia laws for adult beverages on kayaks/ Paddleboards house bill 172 2016.


ID's, Sunscreen, insect repellent, small snacks, phone for communication/pics, towel if you do so desire. Fish? Get a license and bring a pole cause our kayaks have fishing pole holders. 


While we supply large dry bags while supplies last for each day, this dry bag serves to keep your valuables dry. Its always suggested providing your own dry bag. 


We provide the adult US. Coast Guard life vest for each customer. Anyone under 13 years of age is required to wear a life vest, and anyone over 13 years of age is only required to have a life vest on the kayak or paddleboard.