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** Promo codes are not valid on holiday's or holiday weekends. Become a member and you can use our member ID for rental discount**

** No children under 30 lbs **

** If you make a reservation for delivery or any location and cancel , you are subject to a 30% fee for inconvenience **


  • If you pick up or leave from our fixed location with kayaks/ Paddleboards for the (DAY) and do not return at our closing time at 7:00 pm or noted later on pick-up, you accept a late fee of $50.00 plus additional DAY charge of equipment rented. If a customer calls us and Identifies a transposition issue, the charge can be reduced or waived per manager approval. 

  • *** once you leave your gear during your reservation to eat or grab supplies, your reservation will be canceled. Your (DAY reservation at our fixed location) is only valid while on the water. When you leave our location, your reservation has been canceled once you or your car leaves our fixed site (Marina). 

  • NO SHARING OF GEAR. This means you can not rent a kayak, SUP, Canoe and share with family members or friends. The person renting the kayak is responsible for it and the only person who can be in that rental unit until your hour or day rental is done.

  • When you make a reservation for our fixed location ( waterfront location), a time must be given for your reservation start time. Your reservation starts at the time you determined. Murphs Surf holds the right to cancel your reservation with no refund or raincheck. **If you show up after your reservation time, we can not hold the gear at that location** 

  • Rentals at any fixed location are allowed ONE car per reservation. A $10.00 Drop-In fee will be applied if you have your own kayak or paddleboard. You must ride with the reservation customer for parking. 

  • Damages to your vehicle are not the responsibility of murphs surf LLC or the associated marina. 

  • All rentals are to be paid in full before any equipment is shipped or rented. A waiver must be signed before anyone can paddle; anyone under 18 will need a legal guardian to sign a release.

  • Rainchecks / Reschedules to paddle another day for the gear you rented during the event that it's raining at your reservation time. We will make every attempt to honor your rain check voucher on the day the customer wishes. Major Holidays and Holiday weekends are blocked from any Rainchecks or Reschedules. Rain-checks/ Reschedules are voided after 60 days.


  • Rain? If you have already started your paddle and it starts to rain, we will not issue refunds; We may offer discounts for your next visit, provided on base to base accounts. It's your responsibility to check the weather and decide for yourself if you would like to paddle.

  • NO SHOW is when you do not show up at the time of reservation you agreed on, and no call from the customer equals no refunds and no rainchecks. Call us if you're running behind; things happen. We understand this and will work with customers that work with us.

  • If you are more than 30 minutes late for a delivery reservation, we hold the right to move on to the next customer, Meaning we are leaving to care for customers that have made other reservations for delivery. You will have more flexible time slots at our fixed location. If you are going to be late enough to offset others' reservations, we have no choice but to skip over your reservation time and move to care for other customers. This means no refunds. 

  • You are requested to give a 30-minute estimated time back to your starting location and that you're returning to a delivery location and ending your reservation. If you don't, We will have an extended arrival time back to your site. We cannot control the traffic but will inform customers of any delay. We offer an entire day rental giving the customers the option to paddle and not worry about time. We ask for your help notifying us 30 minutes before you choose to end your reservation. The customer is responsible for all gear until a Murphs Surf employee has arrived. 

  • Customers that have gear delivered must stay with gear until a murphs surf employee arrives to pick up and check off gear.

  •  KIDS!! We can't guarantee we will have a life vest to fit anyone under 13 years old. By Law, the age of 13 and below must have a life vest on at all times per COE laws. We carry a limited amount of kids' life vests, so please let a Murphs Surf employee know when you make a reservation for a small child's life vest. No Kids under 40lbs are allowed.

  • Pets? We don't have an issue with pets as long as they are on a leash. Also, customers will be held accountable for damaged gear due to a pet (NO PETS ON FIBERGLASS BOARDS). We recommend smaller dogs for kayaks. We also recommend they have life vests. If your pet is having a hard time stopping your reservation, we will not issue refunds or rainchecks. Customer assumes all responsibility for loss or injuries to pets. 

** after payment is received, we DO NOT ISSUE REFUNDS

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