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Hi! here is where you can apply for sponsorships. While we would love to sponsor everyone, unfortunately, we're a small company, so we can only provide sponsorships a few times a year, and applicants will have to apply for them and meet the requirements. As we continue to grow, we aim to offer more sponsorship programs.  


Currently, we only provide sponsorships during May-October if your requested program is seeking sponsors outside of these dates, we cannot approve your request. In short, we can only support the request if you are within the given dates. We're working to extend the open dates in the future. 


Our company is unable to provide equipment to be raffled or auctioned off for free. If the entity seeking the sponsor would like to purchase a recreational unit at a significant discount, our company will work to offer this for the entity. Suppose the entity seeks a recreational unit to be used as a raffle or auctioned. In that case, the entity must sign an agreement to provide social media acknowledgment with our company's website, name, and logo for a period of time. 


Our company is unable to provide free rental or apparel vouchers. However, we can provide discounted rates for rentals and apparel for non-holiday weekends. Our company can also offer discounted group rates for entities seeking sponsorships in exchange for social media acknowledgment with our company's website, name, and logo.

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